Mysteries of the Big Easy (Deadlands: Noir)

Tune 1: Washrag Money - Clean and Dirty

Dirty Money and Good Intentions – The group follow the papertrail of dirty money to help a local union member possibly win his election against his opponent.

It was about three in the afternoon when a lady walked in to talk to Mr Jones. Ms Geddy was there to request his expertise at Marie’s Cafe the following day. He let the team know there might be work that he may need assistance with the following day and went back to work. Jones got the the cafe a little early and walked in ordering a coffee and waited for Mr Evans. The man was promptly there on time at one and asked Mr Jones to follow him to a private backroom. The man was all expressive eyes and teeth it seemed a gentel southern version of a politician it seemed from his actions. He was thankful for Jones coming to check out things. Jones was a little curious as to how his side business of being a private investagotr got into the man’s ears but one of his old clients reffered him it seemed, Mr Evans didn’t seem like the kin dot have to deal with his wife or husband as the client who had refered him had. Mr Evans explained the case to Mr Jones who pretty much boiled it down to Mr Evans wanting to have some dirt dug up on his opponent before an election. The fact he was in league with the mob though although making it easy to find dirt on might be a fickle one. Anyone in bed with the mob either answered to them or had the mob answering for them.


Bad Intentions and Clean Money – Finding out something bad lead to some moeny for a father down on his luck, when his daughter gets word her estrangled father is dead she suspects foulplay and the group investigates..




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