Welcome to Mysteries of the Big Easy campaign home page.

This is a VTT Deadlands: Noir campaign, set in a dark and spooky 1930’s depression era New Orleans. The players will be running private investigators or the folks who are their back ups.

The Games will be played over Fantasy Grounds 2 virtual table top, and Mumble voice chat.

The setting is the the world of Deadlands (Weird West tails) moved forward in time to after “The War to end all wars” (AKA:WW1) and in the middle of the 1930’s Great Depression. Poverty, corruption, fear and despair are everywhere, Heroes are hard to find, and it might not be just your imagination giving you that chill down your back.

Stay sharp, keep your wits, solve the case, and get paid.

Mysteries of the Big Easy (Deadlands: Noir)

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