Arcane Backgrounds

In Deadlands: Noir the following arcane backgrounds are availible:

The blessed and sykers are extremely rare in the main campaign era of New Orleans, however, and are only allowed with the Marshal’s say-so. Other Arcane Backgrounds from Deadlands Reloaded are generally unavailable in Deadlands Noir, but if your Game Master decides it works for his particular campaign that’s up to him

Here’s what happened to those other lost souls for the curious who have played Deadlands the Weird West:

Faith is at an all time low in New Orleans thanks to the Great War and the Great Depression. The rare individual with enough of it to become a true blessed is a troublemaker in the eyes of the Red Sect, the Black Hand, and corrupt officials, so most have been driven out or perished in some noble confrontation with the forces of darkness.

Hucksters were hunted to near-oblivion by the Agency in the North and the Texas Rangers in the South—that is those who didn’t eventually just lose an infernal game to the wrong manitou. Most of those who avoided this fate became grifters.

Mad scientists have evolved to become patent scientists. They still draw Hellish inspiration from the Hunting Grounds, but it’s a little more tempered now.

Indian shamans exist mainly in the Sioux Nations. Those in the Coyote Confederation swore off the Old Ways after the Great Wasting. The tiny number who remain outside their stronghold in the Dakotas rarely show their faces in the urban environments where Deadlands Noir focuses.

When Western governments took an aggressive interest in their abilities, many masters of the Eastern martial arts went into hiding or just retreated back to their homeland entirely. More traditional martial arts styles are still practiced in Shan Fan, however (as detailed in the Deadlands Noir Companion).

Arcane Backgrounds

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