Mysteries of the Big Easy (Deadlands: Noir)

Tune 5: All Buttoned Up

Simon Beauregard was pretty friendly and talkative with a gun in his face and the dead people not moving on the ground around him after we took them out. Turns out he spilled all the beans he was worth and to our surprise to the coppers as well since we were surrounded on the second floor of the Blue Iris.

Seems the Mafia caught wind of a specific ecentric product some of the local fat cats were craving, human flesh. With a service provided by the Mafia or just a nice way to make a double profit of bumping off people in their way this Cult of the Flesh paid through the nose for a delivered butcher service like from the shirmp plant the party stumbled on. With their main operation up the Mafia was getting a little antsy, no one likes thinking a group of financial secure well connected cannibals are gunning for you wanting to take a ‘piece out of your hide’ literally so they drummed up the charges on Bernard and put a patsy back in charge of the teamsters, when the cannibals caught wind of the new patsy trying to blackmail them they didn’t take kindly to it. Mafia sent out some undead goons to clean up shop for the would be black mailers. Until the party showed up.

We were arrested the lot of us until the cops sorted things out, took em long enough though. Turns out the cars were stolen to Angelo’s disappointment so he found the address out and mailed the keys to them.

Bernard was cleared of charges of killing Travis Evans, Lt Combs seemed to have enough time to pack up and beat feet out of town by the time the fellas were out. Angelo chalked it up to ‘fine police work to let the rat get away’. Simon lawyered up and made a berak for a healthy climate, at least healthier for him.

Faced with the thoughts of going after the cult members before they came looking for the group seemed a little more then they wanted to deal with, who wants to fight a cannibal? With the police getting the information on the group a lot of influential people in New Orleans the party suggest they take it to the Texas Rangers since from how Angelo put it, ’They’ll put a few holes in anything’. Escorting the Sergeant there did seem silly to her but as Angelo put it, if someone pulled up and nabbed her she’d feel better knowing she got dumped into the Biyou with some class act guys. The ranger thanked the group for their trouble and dismissed them. Angelo wanted to tell the guy he was a bit of a sourpuss but he did say they’d put a hole in anything so he thought twice about it.

1 XP awarded.

Tune 4: Blue Iris and Dead Eyes

The team approach the Good Sergeant to see if she’d string up Lt Combs if he was crocked and clear the frame job on Bernard “Barkeep” Jones if the evidence was provided. Once she agreed they asked for the checklist of things to get.

Proof of shady dealing with the Black hand was found in the form of photos of deposits to Lt Combs bank in a book everytime the odd case seemed to be pushed through for an arrest and conviction by Lt Combs that looked too ‘open and shut’. Granted the team had to break into his house to find out and the man came back looking for someone in his place. Someone else was casing his joint and watching it for him possibly but the evidence was found.

After turning the evidence into the Sergeant the team asks what else could be used. Supposedly a written confessional would be great which the team goes to Simon Beauregard place, the Blue Iris to get. While staking the place out Sidney ‘Stitch’ Morton and Ezekiel “Zeke” Beaumont see two cars pull up and a lot of people shuffle out, most of which look dead. After ringing up the rest of the team they go in to find several of the goons working for Beauregard to be dead. After saving a maid the team move upstairs to save Beauregard, can’t get a signed confession from a dead man.

After taking out several zombies and one giant ugly sourpuss the ground calm down for a bit until Angelo ‘Dumptruck’ Moretti levels his rifle at Beauregard’s head and tells him to drop the bean spitter. The man although having a near death expereince complies.

Tune 3: Crustaceans and Cockroaches Part 2 and Wanted but not Desired

The team finishes up the job at the Shrimp Company and Bernard “Barkeep” Jones is set up for his actions in the blackmail of Borigard and with the death of Travis Evans

Tune 2: Crustaceans and Cockroaches Part 1

The team snoop around during the day trying to get Albert “The Sage” Montegue to talk his way into getting a job for either Angelo ‘Dumptruck’ Moretti or Ezekiel “Zeke” Beaumont. Although the job search turns out to be a bust they do scope out the place for coming back after dark while Content Not Found: null tries to find a uniform in a dead man’s apartment. Things go well until the full team sneaks in to find a man made of cockroaches by a door freaking out Angelo and Esekiel. After an odd fight the team watches the remains of the cockroach man scuttle down drains. While Angelo puts boxes over the crate the team find out the ‘dark secret’ the shrimp company was hiding, a chop shop of people and a voodoo doll of the deceased father. After liberating the place of the safe’s contents the party find themselves in a shoot out with guards.

Tune 1: Washrag Money - Clean and Dirty

Dirty Money and Good Intentions – The group follow the papertrail of dirty money to help a local union member possibly win his election against his opponent.

It was about three in the afternoon when a lady walked in to talk to Mr Jones. Ms Geddy was there to request his expertise at Marie’s Cafe the following day. He let the team know there might be work that he may need assistance with the following day and went back to work. Jones got the the cafe a little early and walked in ordering a coffee and waited for Mr Evans. The man was promptly there on time at one and asked Mr Jones to follow him to a private backroom. The man was all expressive eyes and teeth it seemed a gentel southern version of a politician it seemed from his actions. He was thankful for Jones coming to check out things. Jones was a little curious as to how his side business of being a private investagotr got into the man’s ears but one of his old clients reffered him it seemed, Mr Evans didn’t seem like the kin dot have to deal with his wife or husband as the client who had refered him had. Mr Evans explained the case to Mr Jones who pretty much boiled it down to Mr Evans wanting to have some dirt dug up on his opponent before an election. The fact he was in league with the mob though although making it easy to find dirt on might be a fickle one. Anyone in bed with the mob either answered to them or had the mob answering for them.


Bad Intentions and Clean Money – Finding out something bad lead to some moeny for a father down on his luck, when his daughter gets word her estrangled father is dead she suspects foulplay and the group investigates..


The story so far...

Simon Beauregard is the president of the local Teamster’s Union and, like many Teamster’s Union bosses, is rumored to have ties to the local Mafia ( The Black Hand ) and be making dirty deals to pad his pockets. He is also up for re-election in a couple of weeks.

His challenger, Travis Evans, is looking for a P.I. (or two) to find some evidence of these ties to swing the election in his favor. He has sent his secretary, Chelsea Gedde, out to hire one.

It’s the depression, jobs are rare, and money is scarce. So when opportunity comes knocking, get the door open quick, and show some manners.


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