Mysteries of the Big Easy (Deadlands: Noir)

Tune 4: Blue Iris and Dead Eyes

The team approach the Good Sergeant to see if she’d string up Lt Combs if he was crocked and clear the frame job on Bernard “Barkeep” Jones if the evidence was provided. Once she agreed they asked for the checklist of things to get.

Proof of shady dealing with the Black hand was found in the form of photos of deposits to Lt Combs bank in a book everytime the odd case seemed to be pushed through for an arrest and conviction by Lt Combs that looked too ‘open and shut’. Granted the team had to break into his house to find out and the man came back looking for someone in his place. Someone else was casing his joint and watching it for him possibly but the evidence was found.

After turning the evidence into the Sergeant the team asks what else could be used. Supposedly a written confessional would be great which the team goes to Simon Beauregard place, the Blue Iris to get. While staking the place out Sidney ‘Stitch’ Morton and Ezekiel “Zeke” Beaumont see two cars pull up and a lot of people shuffle out, most of which look dead. After ringing up the rest of the team they go in to find several of the goons working for Beauregard to be dead. After saving a maid the team move upstairs to save Beauregard, can’t get a signed confession from a dead man.

After taking out several zombies and one giant ugly sourpuss the ground calm down for a bit until Angelo ‘Dumptruck’ Moretti levels his rifle at Beauregard’s head and tells him to drop the bean spitter. The man although having a near death expereince complies.



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