Mysteries of the Big Easy (Deadlands: Noir)

Tune 2: Crustaceans and Cockroaches Part 1

The team snoop around during the day trying to get Albert “The Sage” Montegue to talk his way into getting a job for either Angelo ‘Dumptruck’ Moretti or Ezekiel “Zeke” Beaumont. Although the job search turns out to be a bust they do scope out the place for coming back after dark while Content Not Found: null tries to find a uniform in a dead man’s apartment. Things go well until the full team sneaks in to find a man made of cockroaches by a door freaking out Angelo and Esekiel. After an odd fight the team watches the remains of the cockroach man scuttle down drains. While Angelo puts boxes over the crate the team find out the ‘dark secret’ the shrimp company was hiding, a chop shop of people and a voodoo doll of the deceased father. After liberating the place of the safe’s contents the party find themselves in a shoot out with guards.



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